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Network installation in Ballynure

If you've recently installed the internet at home or you want to set up a small office, it's best to have an experienced network engineer come in make sure your connections are set up correctly.


To this end, at Computer Solutions, we provide a networking service. This is designed to ensure that your needs are met. Why not give us a call today?

Connecting to the internet wirelessly

You're probably not keen on dragging network cables around your home or office. You're not alone; not a lot of people are.


We can help you install and configure the proper equipment to help you connect to internet wirelessly.

Looking for a network engineer?

Well, you've found one... and he's local

Resolving network problems

Have you ever been in a situation where you can't connect to the internet, yet, when you phone your internet provider, they insist you're connected? We can help you resolve such situations quickly.


As part of our networking service, we can help with network equipment servicing, troubleshooting and even full network re-designs; ensuring you have a good connection.

For networking installation, diagnostics and more in Ballyclare and Ballynure, call us on:

028 9332 2888

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